Quan el cansament venç la bellesa | Trailer

QUAN EL CANSAMENT VENÇ LA BELLESA created a temporary family! That’s for sure. We all shared the same passion, that let us overcome all the problems we found while shooting. Almost 72 hours working isn’t an easy thing to deal with. We all survived. It was a great mixture between happiness and sadness, very emotional as well.
At the moment I’m writing again, and I’m willing to spend even more time and energy on it.
QUAN EL CANSAMENT VENÇ LA BELLESA will be online very soon.

Director | Jordi Cussó
Director of Photography | Borja López
Producer | Meri García
Art Direction | Estela García
Stylist | Izaro Bilbao & Cecilia Díaz Betz
Hair & Make up | Ana Sabina
Sound | Hunab Moreno
Music | Oriol Tió
Editor | Jordi Cussó
Grading | Xavi Santolaya

Actors | Joan Crosas, Marc García Coté, Rosa Vila, Anna Gonzalvo

Photos | Rubén Ortiz